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Fall Revelations in Boston

November 6, 2012

Last Saturday, when the rest of my household, including my cat Lilu, was still seeing dreams, I woke up from the piercing sun rays that were gradually filling out space. It looked gorgeous outside and grabbing my headphones and my ear muffs, I was on my way to a date with Boston.

Needless to say, Boston is captivating. But you would think that after three and a half years living here, my feelings toward the city would become slightly muted. Wrong. They just grow fonder the more I’m here.

So walking slowly on a chilly but sunny and wind-free morning, sipping my Skinny Vanilla and listening to the Passion Pit radio on Pandora, I immersed myself in the city I fell in love with from the first sight. Passing neighborhood after neighborhood, discovering new areas and nodding to familiar sites, I was leisurely enjoying my date with Boston probably for the hundredth time.

Here are some fruits of that awesome day. Take a look and share with me your impressions of Boston!

The Elegant Back Bay

The Eliot Hotel, Mass Ave, Boston

Church Turned Luxury Condo Complex

Corner of Commonwealth and Massachusetts Avenues

Commonwealth Avenue

Church on Newbury Street

The Charles River Esplanade

Charles River

Sail Boats on the Charles

The Esplanade Park

Storrow Drive

The Classic Beacon Hill

Brownstone Window

Beacon Street

Charles Street

The Oldest Public Garden

The Taj Hotel

The Public Garden

The Pond

Boston Common

The Up-And-Coming Seaport District

The Boston Freedom Trail

The Holocaust Monument

Atlantic Avenue

The Vibrant South End

Metropolis Cafe

My Favorite House in the South End

Tremont Street

  1. Alia Mohsen permalink

    I did the exact same thing this weekend. And you said it perfectly — Boston is captivating (even 3 years later). Beautiful photos, too!

  2. Thanks, Alia! I don’t think I will ever get tired of it 🙂

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