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Buongiorno Italy! The Vacation Begins.

August 4, 2011

So I’m finally home… And though I’m a little sad that my fabulous Italian vacation is over, I can’t wait to share my new travel stories with you. During the past nine days I managed to do everything I appreciate in a good vacation: I had an amazing time with my loud and crazy family; I took advantage of the lazy beach leisure; I got to experience the hospitality of charming Tuscan villages; I allowed myself to eat as much authentic Italian pizza and pasta as I could fit in my stomach; and last but not least, my heart was forever conquered by the ancient city of Rome.

After I barely made it to my flight to Rome, I arrived to Italy on a fresh, sunny morning, which seemed like paradise after the exhausting heat of New England that wouldn’t let go for almost three weeks. The villa we were staying at was located in a dense pinewood forest that preserved that divine coolness, which was so necessary during the day. I was immediately struck by the magical aroma of the pine trees and the unstoppable chirrs of cicadas that remained in the background throughout the entire trip. The sea was just a five-minute walk from the house, which allowed us to contemplate all the nature during a pleasant stroll.

On the first day my parents surprised my boyfriend and me with an unbelievable seafood feast. Succulent squid, octopus, scampi and Turbot, roasted with fresh rosemary and garlic, all looked so mouthwatering that I even forgot to take pictures of the food and pounced on it right away. Accompanied by the rustic Tuscan wine, that feast was unforgettable.

For the rest of the day we jumped in the waves and went for long walks on the beach, admiring the surrounding hills. I felt so happy and blessed to be in such a beautiful place with the people I love that at some moments it seemed almost surreal.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for many more interesting stories and cool pictures!

  1. “amazing time with my loud and crazy family” & “accompanied by the rustic Tuscan wine, that feast was unforgettable” …

    Those two phrases make me like you a whole lot! My family is often a bit loud (as am I) and every trip deserves a great glass of wine to go with it! I can’t wait to see more pictures and read more stories!


  2. Thanks, Lyndsi! Sometimes my life looks a helluva lot like that movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” =)

  3. Denis Mikerin permalink

    Very cute and…cozy!)

    I’ve almost lived your life, dreaming about my almost wasted vacations somewhere far away both from Moscow and Berne!)

    What I do like about your posts is your amazing language. I could hardly imagine, I would meet a fellow compatriot in my life who would speak so “close to life” apart from those guys, who have spent most of their lives abroad (however, there are sad exceptions,)

    So keep going that way!)

  4. Hey, Denis! Thanks a lot for such kind words; it made my day! =) Why is your vacation wasted? Are you still gonna go anywhere? How’s your life going? Anything new to share? =)

  5. Hey, Girl) As a prominent Russian politician once said: “Let me speak to you from the bottom of my heart in English”!)

    My vacation is “almost” wasted) It’s just because I’ve never planned one for late Indian summer…Some new experience, I guess)
    “When you’re alive, what can go wrong?” – isn’t it the best life motto ever?)) So far – so good!)
    How are you doing?) Being a “social media junkie” you seem to be sharing huge volumes of info about yourself, but some obvious questions remain))

  6. Hey I’m all about transparency! But I’d rather send you a message on FB =)

  7. Inna cotter permalink

    I can’t wait till I go Italy!!!!! Sounds fantastic:)

  8. Oh thanks Inna! It really is =)

  9. ))) Waiting desperately for your reply =))

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