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Let The Vacation Begin Vol. 2: Tuscany

July 22, 2011


It’s been awhile since I shared new travel adventures with my fellow travelers here. And the reason for that is first, I was busy at my day job; second, my sister Dasha was visiting me from Russia, so I had to provide a fun entertainment program for my little monster; and third, I was simply enjoying the hot Boston summer and exploring beautiful beaches around New England (coming up soon).

But right now I’m sipping refreshing Italian Pinot Grigio, ready to take off for gorgeous, sunny Tuscany to spend some quality time with my boyfriend and my family. I’ve already had a chance to immerse myself in the fashion hustle of modern Milan and also enjoy authentic, peasant hospitality of Sicily, but I’ve never had a chance to visit the central part of the Italian boot. I can’t emphasize enough how excited I am to indulge in rustic Italian cuisine for ten days, and I’m not even going to be bothered by the calorie-count and anything that insignificant. Fresh seafood, aromatic pizza and homemade Italian pasta, I’m coming to eat you all! 🙂

My schedule will look something like this: Rome-Grossetto-Follonica-Florence-Rome. I’ve also just received a free flip cam from Klout (for being an awesome influencer I guess), so stay ready for some cool videos. I can’t wait to share my new travel adventures with you, but for now, it’s all about pure Dolce Vita!


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  1. Alina permalink

    Anya, I’ve just travelled all through Liguria and Tuscany and can very strongy recommend you to visit small but best ever places – like Perugia, San Gimignano and the five small towns of Ligurian coast: Riomaggiore-Manarola etc. Before going to Grosseto, you can make a turn to the Orbetello semi-island – fantastic. To be honest, I did not like overcrowded and fussy “must see” cities and tourist attractions – too hot, too fast and you don’t really get this feeling of excitement when you yourself discover something not popular, but charming, tempting, special. For example, we discovered unforgetabble waterfalls Cascate Delle Marmore near Terni which gave us a true feeling of Indiana Jones adventures. Anyway, looking forward to your “travel report” and hope you will make use of my hints 😉

  2. Thanks, Alina! Sorry for not responding to your comment fast enough–apparently, there are big problems with WiFi in Italy. I just arrived yesterday, and to be honest, I’m completely blown away by Tuscany and Rome. This country stole my heart. I did follow your advice and visited many small Tuscan towns that are hidden from the tourist eyes. And you’re right; those little medieval pearls represent the authentic peasant Italy and charm you with their simplicity and hospitality… Thanks again for your tips! Can’t wait to post my travel report 😉

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